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ouverture-facile game and solution provides a logic game for you to solve. Each level of the game could require you to do underthing from mathematics, image manipulation, audio editting, hex editting... in fact anything could be required to solve it.

I've provided full and complete spoilers as a walkthrough of the game. I haven't finished it, but I've included information on the level that I'm up to. I will update this over time & contributions are welcome as comments to my blog.

You may be disappointed if you look at this, but here are the spoilers.


Anonymous said...

on the level where you have to overlap the images to see text (BLACK), its actualy easier to just take the top image and set the XOR opacity to 100, then all the pixels that are different show up in different colors and the pixels that are the same between the two images turn black. if you do it right you get this:

but if its off center even a little it becomes hader to read:

(i tried to just post the pics but your blog wont allow the HTML)

Anonymous said...

For Level 46. It is obvious that check is missing a signature and writing on the check is pointing to Forum. So if you go to forum and find signature of author SWAN you'll see a link attached to his signature pointing to and in source code there is a comment for top.png. If you do the tone balance on the picture you get id=price which points to forum topic id so you need to take that 31 and check forum
In a first post there is a message "And don't forget to add 8." which leads us to id=39 where you get gidden "Add 1" in the first post and it takes you to id=40 which has a hidden link after "Thanks !" that will lead to another error page but in source code you can find itsthebottom.png comment. It's the second part of the image that gives word "mouse" but with color balance there is a hidden word in the image "plural" and that leads to final solution mice

Anonymous said...

For level 47. Take the - out the tele-vision in the URL. On the next page, take the - out of ouverture-facile. You then need to make a URL for the missing clue page useing the clue given on the 3rd page. Using toothbrush.wav then gives you an error so try tooth-brush.wav. Take the breaks out of the wav file to find the word history.

Anonymous said...

level 46: I don't know how to do the color balance, but you don't really need it. Just open the picture in MS Paint and fill any color except white(obviously!) in the white area, then the word will show up. It works like magic. I wish I can know the concept behind it.

Anonymous said...

Level 46: Concept is quite simple. there are 3 colors used on that image. pure white (255,255,255), almost white (254,254,254) and black (0,0,0).
Therefore there is plenty of ways to find the hidden text. You can use fill tool with tolerance 0, make pure white color invisible, edit color palete etc. For me clicking Balance Tone in Photo-Paint was the quickest.

Anonymous said...

in 49, check the clue, it says to go to the forum,go there and go to swan's second post, it has a link to a picture, click it. it takes you to item=30. swans first post mentioned image 21 so change the end of the url to say item=21. this leads to a picture of frank zappa and in his beard it says very lightly "look at the description of this picture" so save the picture but dont open it, just hover your mouse over the file and it will show a description. it says "OF LOGO - Homepage" OF of course stands for ouverture facile and their logo is the little guy with the arrow in the bottom right corner. so this puzzle has something to do with the ouverture facile logo, thats as far as i've gotten and i asked the moderators on the forum, im on the right track but i dont know where to go from here.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know - on level 28, the reason the dot is equivalent to an "r" is because it is a pink box and not a purple one.

Anonymous said...

Note about level 52
GED/S/L a+++ e+++++ in geek code ( means

Geek of Education/Geek of Science/Geek of Literature - Age:60 and up - Education:I am Stephen Hawking

If you check S.Hawking bio you can find he has ALS also known as Lou Gehrig disease.
Alzheimer's disease is not called Lou Gehrig disease.

Anonymous said...

Level 55

Novice that grid with hex codes has a red lines. If you convert the hex codes to RGB colors you get country flags.

Gabon | Italy | France

Typing cla.gif gives an error, but cola.gif (to use two letters from one of the flags was a hint on forum) returns one side of Coca-Cola logo. However coca.gif doesn't return other half of the logo but one color image with #.png written in it. Hex code of the color is DE,FA,CE what leads you to deface.png which is another image with different background color and ALT written in it. Hex code of this color is 69,65,85 and if you type in notepad using NumPad (Alt+69 Alt+65 Alt+85) or just convert to ASCII you get EAU.
Title of the page is License and flash is plates.swf -> License plates and if you look at Wikipedia for List of international license plate codes you can find that EAU is code for Uganda so uganda.html gets you to next level.

Anonymous said...

Level 56

Title says Additives and E-numbers represent food coloring additives. If you google the clue "Better Be Right Or Your Great Big Venture Goes West" you can find that it is mnemonic for resistor color code. When you combine those two you get

E151 = black = 0
E100 = yellow = 4
E150 = brown = 1
E130 = blue = 6
E111 = orange = 3
E170 = white = 9
E124 = red = 2
E140 = green = 5
E111 = orange = 3

Using the code on the left by numbers from left to right you get omega.png which fives you a image of resistor with colors as food additives again. From left to right it's orange, yellow, red, green or 3 4 2 5. When converted it's resistor value 3400+/-0.5% so it is number between 3383 and 3417. You have to find the right value in that range which is 3415.png (other return NO) which gives you solution 'fiftyseven.html'

Adam said...

Thanks for the feedback & solutions... these are much appreciated!!

Anonymous said...

You're welcome. Thanks for updating solution page. Soon and we'll have solution for all 75 levels.

One correction thou for level 57.
Number 1 is not a prime number, but number 2 is. If you put a pattern you gave it doesn't give the right pattern for 'o'.

Anonymous said...

Correction for Level 59

Each Amino Acid according to has 1-Letter code which gives:
Glycine = G; Alanine = A; Methionine = M; Glutamic acid = E; Serine = S that leads to correct answer GAMES without any approximation.

Anonymous said...

I thought that you should know that some people live off the traffic that Ouverture Facile gets (Swan). Posting a site that gives the answers freely only encourages those who are stuck to look here and won't even consider using the forum. I'm sure you've had great pleasure in solving some of these on your own, so why deprive others of the same?

There's an entire forum that caters to this need please don't ruin this for him! Please take this site down.

Anonymous said...

On Level 55, the letters "cola" come from the international license plate codes for each country. Columbia's is CO while the others are just the first letter.

Anonymous said...

For Level 56 "Additives," the tolerance is .05 because it is .5%, which means half of 1 percentage point. .5 is equivalent to 50%, which would have made this level a real bitch.

Anonymous said...

do ppl still use this thing.....neway i need help with 64

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Excellent website. Good work. Very useful. I will bookmark!

Anonymous said...

im still stuck on level 64. im still trying though. sleep might help, but its not possible if your playing this game. lol

Anonymous said...

laughter, also stuck on 64. still trying.

Anonymous said...

64 is really hard! :|

Anonymous said...

Okay... I have some of level 64 down...

If you link up all the same notes, from Ato B to C to to E etcetera, you get letters saying ZERO.mp3.

You go here and a voice tells you the name of the symphony...

Too bad I can't hear it :D

Anonymous said...

what exactly do you mean by link up all of the same notes?

Anonymous said...

Walkthroughs for Level 64-70:

Level 64:
-The clue says to group all the notes, so group all the notes. C forms Z. Doing the same to the others will get zeromp3 -> zero.mp3.
-Download zero.mp3 and you will hear the symphony as a clue. You will also need to download one.mp3, two.mp3, three.mp3, four.mp3, five.mp3, and six.mp3.
-Download one.mp3, two.mp3, three.mp3, four.mp3, five.mp3, and six.mp3. Each .mp3 file will give out a series of letters.
-Get the letters. The letters from one.mp3 should be at the first line, two.mp3 being at the second line, three.mp3 being at the third line, etc.
-Make sure all the last letters in the six .mp3 files line at the same column.
-Work each column. There are 6 columns with a letter repeated in them. Getting the repeated letters in the columns will get P-L-A-N-E-S.
-Type planes into the type box and click OK.

Level 65:
-Look at the 3 different channels of the image with Photoshop.
-Red finds bread.png, green finds salad.png, and blue finds steak.png. Visit these .png files.
-Superimpose together to get a labyrinth.
-Finishing the labyrinth will read pull.
-Type pull into the type box and click OK.

Level 66:
-The clue refers to Ave Maria by Trithéme. Decoding the grave with the codes will get: alpha.png, beta.png, and delta.png.
-Find the location where Régnault de Wandonne was buried.
-He was buried at the Père Lachaise cemetery. There's a website for that.
-Concentrate on alpha.png and beta.png first. Look for the graves' names in the website.
-Copy the image with the image in the grave website. You'll notice there is a difference. Doing the same thing we did for Level 43 will get: Cuvier and Lyotard.
-Find the graves of the 2 names, and do a connection with the 4 graves. You'll land on Morrison.
-In Morrison's grave, you'll notice that the text in delta.png is different. You'll have to find the letters changed. The letters changed in delta.png are the letters F, A, I, T, H, F, U, and L.
-Type faithful into the type box and click OK.

Level 67:
-Superimposing all the 5 squares while hovering each one will find 15.png.
-Looking carefully at 15.png, we will find color hex + 10.txt.
-Find the hex codes of 15.png. So far, you'll have 999539, 200853, 970557, 379919, 930570, and 512383.
-Rotating each letter, we will get: GGGSEG, ZOOBSE, GLOSSL, ELGGIG, GEOSLO, and SIZEBE.
-Going to 10.txt, we have to group the 100 words into a 10x10 grid.
-Read from column-to-column carefully and find the word with the meaning.
-Go back to 15.png and do a word search with the words you found. You'll get 3 letters not yet crossed for the first time. The letters are E, G, and G.
-Type egg into the type box and click OK.

Level 68:
-The arrow points to the clue. The clue image says dartagnan1.gif instead of clue.gif.
-You want to go to dartagnan2.gif, and it says there "Where are the other 3?".
-You want to visit dartagnan3.gif, dartagnan4.gif, and dartagnan5.gif, but it's a dead end. Find the 3 musketeers then.
-The names of the musketeers are Porthos, Athos, and Aramis. You must visit porthos1.png, porthos2.png, athos1.png, athos2.png, aramis1.png, and aramis2.png.
-Print out the 6 pages.
-Cut the outer lines and fold in the inner lines. Glue the flaps.
-But that's not yet all. Notice anything weird in the cubes? The weird things in the cubes are the words.
-You have to match each word with their relation. Glue the word with their relation and paste.
-Once done for all 35 cubes, look at 45 degrees to read angle.
-Type angle into the type box and click OK.

Level 69:
-In the source, you can read 96.swf, but this is not level 96, it is level 69, so visit also 69.swf.
-Compare the 2 images. You'll notice something in the bottom of the ring. It is gibberish, but if you reverse the alphabet, you will get "Mr. Who ate my metal worm".
-You have to substitute who. When doing a research about this, you will get owl.
-Reverse the alphabet for the word owl to get ldo.
-Type ldo into the type box and click OK.

Level 70:
-Decoding the Braille codes, you will get graph.gif in red, and mask.gif in blue.
-Superimpose the 2 images together, and you will read kiss.
-Type kiss into the type box and click OK.

Adam said...

Thanks for those solutions self78!!

Anonymous said...

Levels 71 to 74:

Level 71:
-Understand the code. Well, I don't know even the code, because it is very cryptic.
-Decrypting the code gets xoR.PnG (Note that xor.png will say "Almost").
-Get all the squares with the tiny dots. You'll read key.png.
-Compare the 2 .png files. Tactical is read.
-Type tactical into the type box and click OK.

Level 72:
-Close all the pipes. In the blue pipe, sponge.png is read. If you close all the pipes, and press the water button, you will get liquid.png.
-Compare the 2 .png files. Superimpose it with the pipes. You will get season.
-Type season into the type box and click OK.

Level 73:
-In the clue page, there are 4 .png files. Getting their names gets the word cube. If you read carefully through the images, you'll get .png -> cube.png.
-Visit cube.png and print out the pattern.
-Make a cube with the pattern.
-Follow what the clue tells you. Add or subtract if necessary. Convert the ASCII codes into text. You'll get mohair.jpg.
-Superimpose mohair.jpg with cube.png. Do the same thing you did for cube.png. You'll read caramel.
-Type caramel into the type box and click OK.

Level 74:
-We will get a cryptic code if we zoom in to the finger.
-Get all the letters the typist cannot type anymore. Remove these letters in the code. You'll read Colorado. Type Colorado into the type box and click OK.
-We then get another page. If we record the sound and reversing if necessary, we will get some coordinates of the world. Plotting the coordinates leads us to La Junta, Colorado.
-If we use our eye carefully at the greeting card, Kris is read.
-There is another thing we forgot. It's the IP address. If we use this IP, it will lead us to
-Type "Colorado" and "Kris" into the correct spots in the website found.
-It leads us to many people having the name Kris. To be precise, Kris Apodaca is the correct one.
-Type Kris Apodaca into the type box and click OK.
-Signature is only important in the letter. It reads "Josh".
-Type Josh into the type box and click OK.
-Download the image. If we read the properties, we get "Josh Kerrang".
-Type Josh Kerrang into the type box and click OK.
-Remember, when typing answers, do not use capitals and spaces. Answers in this level are proper nouns.

Anonymous said...

Level 75:
-Click the letter 2 times. You will also need to take note of the hex code in the letter.
-You'll get a picture of a college. Clue says that it is from a "lycee", but we don't know where is it really from.
-It's from the Henri Bergson college. Type Henri Bergson into the type box and click OK.
-Before clicking OK, download the college image and look at the properties for another hex code.
-Concentrate first on the hex code of the college image. The hex code, translated into a color, gets blue. So, find the train station in line 7bis highlighted in blue.
-The blue line is the Bolivar station. Do the same thing for the hex code in the letter.
-The hex code translated into a color is red. If we find the train station in the same line, we will get Louis Blanc.
-Do the same thing for the other 2 colors.
-You will now then get the first 4 train stations for line 7bis.
-Type each station into the type box and click OK. You'll then get an image.
-Remove all the colors except the matching color in each image.
-You'll get the word BOOM.
-You missed a station in line 7bis. This is Botzaris. Type Botzaris into the type box and click OK.
-You'll get another map, this time a treasure map. Connect all the train stations in the image. You'll land on Eugene LeBlanc.
-Type Eugene LeBlanc into the type box and click OK.
-You'll land on a bomb. Click the screen first.
-Make sure you saved the modified image of the 4 stations. Click all the squares you think are white. Once done correctly, click OK to proceed.
-Look carefully through the image. You'll notice 14 characters per group, and there are 16 groups.
-Create a 14x16 grid in this case.
-Blacken the numbers (although not sure of this).
-Letters finds the figures. If you read it carefully, you will get a riddle.
-In a riddle, you have to think abstract. Find the word that satisfies the riddle.
-The answer is silence. Type silence into the type box (hidden in the CMD) and click OK.
-You'll get a message. Click OK again there.

Unknown said...

could u reexplain lvl 69? im having trouble following the examples and what 69.swf is...thanks

Anonymous said...

On level55 some wonder how to get the "co" from the colombia flag. It's simple:
Like at the end where the "EAU" is the international vehicle registration code for uganda,
is the code for colombia "CO".
So you don't have to turn the flags into the country names but into the international vehicle registration code.

very simple ;)

Anonymous said...

For Level 69:

The .swf name is 96.swf. If you visit 69.swf, there is a light in the bottom part of the ring. Compare it with 96.swf with Photoshop.

Anonymous said...

oh my lord the second part to level 74 scared the **** out of me....

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ola, what's up amigos? :)
Hope to receive any assistance from you if I will have some quesitons.
Thanks and good luck everyone! ;)

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