Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Google Maps gets fair dinkum'

Google Maps is now a full-cream service for Australians too.

For ages you've not been able to do routing on the Australian maps. Nor have you been able to search for businesses and types of businesses in Australia. This has severely limited the usefulness of google maps for Australia. For example, you'd try to find how far it was from one side of town to the other - but it wouldn't tell you the roads to travel - so this meant that it was great for looking at maps, but not for working with them.

But now you can find out how far it is from the "the gabba, brisbane" to "the melbourne cricket ground, melbourne" by using those exact terms... and instantly you'll learn that its a 21 hour 21 minute drive.

It's also nice to see that Google recognise they have a customer base in Australia and continue to deliver us the same services they get in the US, even if they are a bit delayed.

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