Thursday, 1 March 2007

Google TV - NOT!

This video is an interesting one.

A guy by the name of Mark Erickson shows you how to sign up for Google TV - a service, he claims, that is in Beta release from Google that lets you watch television shows from major studios.

The video is a fake - Google TV doesn't exist, however Erickson does a good job of faking it.

While its fake, theres something about it that captures your attention. It'd be nice to be able to stream our favourite TV shows as easily as this. Ironically, within a few years this sort of service will likely be available & if I was in Google's shoes I'd be asking myself "Why not?".

TV studios make series to make money, they make this off of the distributors, who in turn make money off of the advertising. Now although the traditional method is to get advertising from broadcasting it over the air waves - whats wrong with broadcasting it over the Internet instead. YouTube has already proven that they're capable of streaming massive amounts of video simultaneously - so its not an infrastructure issue.

If the studios don't quickly adapt to what consumers want, a new breed of content producers will spring up that will deliver what is wanted... in fact, if they aren't there already then they're very close.

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