Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Nokia N95 and a 4GByte Micro SD Card

There's been some speculation as to whether or not a 4Gbyte (or larger) Micro SD card will work with in a Nokia N95. The confusion is because Nokia state in their specs that it only supports up to 2GB.

I'm not the first person to test this nor the first one to confirm it, but I thought I would re-confirm it.

See pictures here which show the card, the camera (with a 1GByte card), the camera (with a new 4Gbyte card), and then the camera (with more than 2Gbytes on the card).

Suffice to say - it works.

And if it works with a 4Gbyte SDHC card then this means that the N95 supports SDHC, so even larger cards will work (when they are released).

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