Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Charity telemarketers

I'm on the Do Not Call register but that doesn't stop charities from calling me (who are exempt from my request to not be bothered).

I got a call from a particular charity today who opened with "Hello we're from suchandsuch charity and we're calling to ask people to give sizeable donations".

I said "Thank you I'm not interested".

"A couple hundred dollars maybe?" he asked.

"No, thank you".

"Maybe five hundred?" he countered.

"No, good-bye", at which I hung up.

I mean, seriously, after less than 20 seconds on the phone do they really expect anyone to just fork over $500... I find it hard to believe that anyone would do that. (Not that I don't give, just that I don't do it over the phone like that).

1 comment:

Jethro said...

likewise - and finding it equally annoying

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