Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Under the Cloak of Darkness - West Ashgrove

I went out at around 10pm last night to attempt a new geocache called Under the Cloak of Darkness - West Ashgrove. I really wonder why people bother placing caches like this... its located in a garden bed beside a take away store/corner store/etc. The garden bed is waist-height and is about 30cm wide by maybe about 6m long. You can't access most of the garden because of bush that is growing in it... in the areas you can push the bush aside you can see that it is full of condom wrappers, bottles, other discarded rubbish, cockroaches and ants. I didn't manage to find the cache but even if I did I suspect I wouldn't be any more impressed with the hide... I mean... why was I bought here? Isn't there a million other places around that would be nicer to place a cache than in this garden bed?

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