Monday, 1 January 2007

Gateway Flash Game

A cool game called Gateway located here.

(My comments about and walkthrough of Gateway 2 are here)

If you get stuck, here is the solution:

Room 1
Press the button

Room 2
Pick up the stairs
Place the stairs on the indicated spot
Press the button

Room 3
Pick up the remote
Pick up the batteries
Put the batteries in the remote
Use the remote on the sensor

Room 4
Press the first and then the forth button
If you’ve pressed others then you’ll need to tidy them up. Button 1 alters panels 1 and 2; button 2 alters panels 1, 2 and 3; button 3 alters panels 2, 3 and 4; button 4 alters panels 3 and 4

Room 5
You need to create the same pattern on the floor that is printed above the gateway.
Starting from the beginning colour you need to step on the outer twice, the middle 4 times and the inner 6 times to get the right colours.

Room 6
(Optional) Look through the telescope; look at the right window 3 times.
The code is written on the window (backwards) it is 739339.
Use the keypad, enter the code.

Room 7
Push down the left plank.
Walk over the centre, activating the panels, setting them to the same colour.
Walk back through the gateway you entered, you will emerge on the right.
Push down the right plank.
Walk over the right panel a number of times, changing it back to its original, floor, colour.
Exit through the gateway.

Room 8
Pick up all 6 balls.
Place them in this order (from the left): large, medium, huge, tiny, big, small.
Push the button.

Room 9
Get the screwdriver from on top of the tv.
Unscrew the access panel.
Open the access panel.
Get the extension cord.
Get the power cord.
Plug the extension and power cord together.
Watch the TV.
Note the order of the rooms that the person is in… including ‘9’ that they start in.
The code is 954271

Room 10
Note the number of flashes of the lightbulbs… you need to press the floorswitches below the light bulbs this many times.
The numbers, in anticlockwise order from where you enter, are 135264.
Then stand on the elevator


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thanks man that helped alot on the last room

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